What can the Influence Toolbox do for you?

  • Accelerated Development

    For high-potentials and others, leading to greater responsibility, higher motivation and enhanced retention.

  • Shorten Your Learning Curve

    To move into management and leadership, with quicker adjustment and higher productivity.

  • Gain Efficiency in the C-Suite

    Helps senior leaders delegate more effectively, allowing them to focus on critical strategic issues.

"I have just been engaged on an addictive, fast-paced, incredibly thought-provoking and inspirational learning journey with Mark Brown. Learning from Churchill, Picasso, Rockefeller, Captain Quince from the movie Jaws, the Cowardly Lion from Oz, Sister Mary Clarence from Sister Act, Robinson Crusoe...to name but a few. Travelling from the UK to Portugal, across the US, into Asia and even as far as the Emerald City. And adding an array of tools to my ‘influence toolkit’ which I know will prove invaluable to me in the journeys ahead. Mark is a great thinker. An even better trainer. And a thought-partner you’ll never forget. I can’t recommend this programme highly enough."

- Tim Culling
Pension Fund Trustee / Director, United Kingdom

Gain Clarity in Your Leadership

Today’s leaders and would-be leaders operate in environments of rapid change and uncertainty.

  • You face growing competition, corporate restructuring, consolidations, mergers, and other demanding transitions.

  • You frequently need to integrate fresh strategic objectives, new operating systems, and diverse team members ‘on the fly’.

  • You need to juggle disparate stakeholder interests, leverage widely-dispersed virtual teams, and manage multiple generations in the workplace.

  • And at the personal level: Work-related stress. Remaining relevant vis-à-vis advancing technologies. And constant pressure to be lean and agile, to do more with fewer resources.

The ability to influence effectively is critically important.

Step into the leadership role you deserve without making the common mistakes or missteps that can cost you dearly.


The Leaders and Would-Be Leaders Who Can Benefit:

  • Senior executives looking to deepen their leadership impact and boardroom communication skills…
  • Middle managers refining their leadership skills sets as they move into positions of greater responsibility…
  • ‘High-potentials’ looking to position themselves for challenging opportunities and accelerated development…
  • Technical specialists moving into new management and leadership roles…
  • Talent managers and human resource leaders looking to strengthen the leadership and succession pipelines for which they are responsible…
  • And many others.
The Leaders and Would-Be Leaders Who Can Benefit:

"The Influence Toolbox is a superb investment of both your time and money. This programme is packed full of content that is relatable, reliable and relevant for any individual who seeks to develop further their influencing, communication and leadership skills. Mark’s style is easy to listen to. Easy to understand. Easy to apply. This in itself is a gift. The programme is well-structured with bite-sized and absorbable content. Mark acknowledges the skills we already have and helps build on those. Importantly, he calls out the bad habits that some of us may have fallen into and challenges us to step up, shift our mind-sets and practically develop new skills for greater impact.
Highly Recommended *****"

- Jane Adshead-Grant, MCC.
Executive Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, United Kingdom

‘The Influence Toolbox’ can accomplish important things for you personally and for your organization, whether it is private-sector, public-sector or an NGO.

  • It develops influential, credible and confident leaders… 
  • It supports a versatile and adaptable workforce that engages effectively with customers, colleagues, stakeholders, and the public….
  • It provides motivated learners with the tools and awareness to become collaborative, innovative drivers of change
  • It reinforces the talent pipeline needed to fill key leadership positions and enable wise succession planning in any large organization… 
  • And it encourages continuous learning for the individual. This course provides a store of wisdom and personal insight that will grow in richness and nuance for the entirety of one’s career.

Get the Influence Toolbox For Only $49

Change the way you think and communicate with a proven set of tools and insights.


Course Curriculum

Meet Your Instructor

Mark A. Brown
Clarity Professional Development, Lda

  • Mark A. Brown

    Clarity Professional Development, Lda

    Mark A. Brown

    Mark Brown works with executives who are striving to be more effective leaders. An American based in Europe since 1994, he has worked extensively as a facilitator, consultant, and executive coach across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas, with individuals of 75 nationalities. He is currently a director of a Portuguese firm providing leadership development services for firms worldwide. Mark holds an MBA from Solvay Business School (ULB) in Brussels, an MA from SAIS - Johns Hopkins, a diploma from Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a BA from the University of Florida. A highly experienced executive coach and mentor, he holds a PCC from the International Coach Federation (ICF). He has published many articles on coaching, leadership and strategy and published his first book in 2016, ‘The Empathic Enterprise: Winning by Staying Human in A Digital Age’. Mark works comfortably in English, Spanish and Portuguese and also speaks French and Slovak. He resides with his wife in Lisbon, Portugal.

"The insight and knowledge I have gained through Mark Brown’s Influence Toolbox have been a great asset to my business and my relationships. By learning how to properly use these tools, I have been able to build a strong presence with confidence and authority. This has been essential in driving my business forward. I highly recommend this series to anyone interested in entrepreneurial or personal growth."

– Elizabeth Kempf
Co-Creator Gush Bottega

What You'll Get From the Influence Toolbox

For those who prefer to think in terms of ROI, a number of proven outcomes:

  • Accelerated development for high-potentials, leading to greater responsibility, higher motivation and enhanced retention.

  • Shorter learning curve for technicians moving into management and leadership, leading to quicker adjustment and higher productivity.

  • Efficiency gains in the C-suite as senior leaders delegate more tasks and focus on critical strategic issues.

  • Organizational efficiency gains re internal communications (better listening, confirmation of understanding, silo reduction, improved collaboration)

  • Organizational efficiency gains re strategic implementation (fewer errors, better strategic alignment, exploring implications, learning feedback loop)

  • Revenue acquisition: ‘Toolbox’ builds capacity to recognize, explore and address customer needs, boosting potential for new business.

  • Deeper candidate pool for leadership slots as middle managers, technicians, and high-potentials develop more quickly.

  • Reduced recruiting costs due to stronger internal pipeline (nurturing and retaining internal talent > hiring externally).

  • Savings on L & D (leveraging LMS and virtual communications > sending off-site or hosting on-site programs)

  • Versatile tool for Talent Managers: ‘Toolbox’ supports adaptive leadership, strategic contribution, and collaborative engagement.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied, neither am I.

If for any reason you are not pleased with the content in the Influence Toolbox, simply contact me within 30 days of purchasing for a full refund.

Get the Influence Toolbox For Only $49

Make sure you're heard, taken seriously, understood, and memorable.